Bergs & More focuses on Company business and offers an integrated consultancy through experienced professionals with multicultural approach and areas of expertise in various industrial sectors to provide a taylor made dedicated service fulfilling the specific needs of each Client. 

Commercial Contracts

The Team assists Clients in drafting, revising and negotiating national and international commercial contracts, covering all the main areas, including, but no limited to, contracts and general conditions of sale and purchase, mediation, agency, distribution and franchising agreements, supply and subcontracting contracts, business procurement, turn key contracts, works or services agreements, sponsorship, joint ventures, alliances, outsourcing agreements.

We pride on working alongside with stakeholders, board members, in house counsel and Clients’ people who handle contractual relations: such as procurement Department, sale Departments, commercial Departments.


Compliance & ESG

The Team provides integrated and qualified consultancy to Italian and international Clients, assisting them to adapt their organizational structures and activities to Italian, EU and international regulations. Among others, our professionals provide assistance as regards organizational, management and control models pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, codes of ethics and conduct; internal audits; whistleblowing regulations; measures to prevent corruption; personal data protection, transparency and e-privacy, also with reference to new technologies; management systems in accordance to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and privacy regulations; corporate training on compliance matters and legal support to DPO, CPO and Information Risk Management teams.

Corporate Finance

The Team mainly assists Clients in identifying suitable financiers and types of financing  and obtaining funding for their businesses, investments and projects. The financial and Investment experts in the department specialize in providing for all corporate finance needs of the Client including short and long term capital investments, taxation, accounting, cash flow, financial planning and strategy, with the end goal of enabling the Clients to make profits and realize the ultimate objectives of their companies and businesses.

Corporate M&A

The Team provides a 360° assistance to companies in corporate matters, assisting stakeholders and companies in both day-to-day operations and extraordinary transactions. 

The Team contributes to strategic corporate decisions by structuring, among others, by-laws and corporate regulations, shareholders’ agreements, minutes of corporate bodies and provides management of corporate books and secretarial services. Our Team is also specialized in corporate internationalization processes (foreign investments, opening of representative offices, establishment of branch offices and companies abroad, identification and negotiation of trade agreements with foreign partners) and extraordinary transactions, such as mergers, de-merger, acquisitions, capital transactions and, generally, in investment and divestment operations. Particular expertise has been developed in the field of innovative start-up and related Company developments.


Custom Law

The Team is made of experts in customs law and procedures, whose job is to ensure Client businesses understand and comply with the various international customs regulations, import and export laws and duties, classification tariffs, inspection standards. The Team also identifies and ensures Clients benefit from exemptions and incentives, international and regional customs agreements and treaties. The Team identifies the benefits and business opportunities in ship stores, duty free shops, export processing zones, bonded warehouses and wet and dry ports. The Team specializes in customs dispute resolution as permitted by the various jurisdictions and is experienced in negotiating settlements as well as providing Government liaison on policy, procedures and regulations.

Employment & Global Mobility

The Team offers legal advice and assistance in all matters touching on Italian labour, employment and social security law and has extensive experience in international workforce mobility (including assistance in retrieving work permits, visas, permanent resident status and citizenship). Our Team combines its international experience and knowledge of local regulatory provisions to successfully manage the Clients’ domestic and cross-border needs (e.g., drafting and reviewing employment contracts, secondment agreements, non-competition, non-solicitation and trade secret protections agreements, corporate policies, etc.).


International Business Advisory

The Team is composed of experienced business advisors and business lawyers specialized in strategic advisory and operational support to businesses, with focus on international investments, including, but not limited to, planning and development strategy, entry market and market consolidation strategies, partners and business research, green field and brown field investments in international jurisdictions, including M&A advisory, joint venture creation, supply chain development, growth and validation. The Team covers also international project financing, public private partnership and other forms of procurements, mainly in emerging economies.  

Our professionals have a deep experience on financial support by means of export credit agencies, EXIM banks and other financial institutions.


IP & IT Licences

The Team has a deep experience in the field of intellectual property law and its applications, covering the whole life span of the IP rights from their registration to their transmission and protection. Particular attention is paid to the competitive issues that take place in both the physical and virtual worlds as a result of the processes of digitalization, covering all the main product sectors of Enterprises. We assist our Clients in areas ranging from commercial (commercial contracts, licensing, franchising, production, esp agreements), to patents, trademarks, designs, technology use and transfers, trade secrets, copyright matters. 

Litigation & Arbitration

The Team has a solid experience in both litigation and arbitration, assisting its Clients in corporate, financial and commercial disputes, with specific expertise in the areas of banking law, financial and financial services law, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder relations, financial statements, intellectual property law, real estate law, bankruptcy, employment as well as administrative law and regulatory matters and credit recovery matters. Bergs & More represents groups, corporations, and financial institutions in a wide range of domestic and international disputes, including arbitration proceedings before major domestic and international arbitration institutions, both as arbitrators and as party advocates. The Team is also involved in pre-litigation management to prevent or better address possible disputes in front of ordinary courts or arbitral tribunals.

Russian Desk

The Russian Federation has always been an interesting destination for Italian and foreign investors. In the last years, the Russian market has been marked by a rising interest in the development of the new technologies and in the industrial modernization. 

The Desk operates in various spheres, including direct and indirect foreign investments, drafting and negotiation of international contracts, customs law and international arbitration.

Our Desk is composed of Russian-speaking professionals with teaching experience both in Russian and in Italian universities, assisting both Italian companies in Russia and Russian companies in Italy. 


The Team handles all tax registrations, compliance and other taxation and tax law requirements of the Client companies and offers professional and efficient tax advisory services as per the different business and investment sectors, considering and advising on the various tax obligations of the Clients and the due dates for filing and remitting, interpreting tax policies, treaties and bilateral tax agreements between Nations and Regions and the implications thereof on the Client businesses and investments, available incentives, exemptions and reliefs.

Technology Law

The Team deals with the legal aspects of the digitization processes and all the tools that new technologies are providing to business operators. The professionals support Clients in respect to the new sectoral regulations and in cases of application of traditional legal instruments “integrated” with smart technologies. Particular attention is due to smart contracts, digital marketing, e-commerce and marketplaces, IOT and cybersecurity, as well as fintech and blockchain related topics.