Food security is considered, together with Health and Education, top priority accurse the Globe. While many country have achieved both goals some are still behind and it is not only Africa or other developing regions to suffer the problem but even countries in the Middle East, where the main barrier is the quality of land, scarcity of water and adversed weather conditions to prevent the achievement of such a fundamental development goal.

Lack of cultivable land in the Gulf Region and lack of knowledge and finance in Africa have generated an increasing range of opportunities in this sector based on the high demand of food products locally available.

Infrastructure for cultivation and irrigation are progressively required both in Africa and Gulf region while innovative food processing and packaging machineries or production system, like plants based on hydroponic and aeroponic technology, are highly required by Governmental entities and private investors that are often seeking for qualified suppliers, partners and investors providing know how, finance and management capabilities.

Sustainability issues is also part of this sector, and a strong interest is coming from European companies toward African entities to establish productive cooperation aimed, among the others, to grant development goals.

Our multidisciplinary team can provide a qualified legal and tax support in drafting and negotiating supply agreement of machineries as well as innovative plants and infrastructure; while our business advisory team can provide advisory activities also on procuring opportunities both in public and private sectors and relevant financing tools.

Construction & Infrastructure

Infrastructure projects are essential to the health of any economy. From the roads to telecommunication, world class infrastructure provides the foundations to the growth of businesses.

There is a growing appetite for innovative solutions that support public initiatives with private sector resources and expertise. 

Our professionals are at the forefront to advise at every stage of a project, from inception to financing, real estate, construction, equipment supply, regulation, operation, and management.

Bergs & More works across all infrastructure asset classes, with particular focus in transport sector, covering airports, rail, ports and roads. We have a leading reputation in the rapid growth of infrastructure development in Africa and the Middle East, where we give focused legal, tax, financial and strategic advice on any infrastructure project on EPC, EPC plus finance, PPP, and other formula.

Our areas of focus include, construction and engineering contracts, dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration, tax planning, financial and strategic advisory.


The swift from conventional sources of power to renewable and more sustainable sources has been one of the aspects of the energy transition, where efficiency in the consumption has also taken an important role, as someone said “in the shorten, it is faster to improve consumption through energy efficient activities than increasing the capacity for which time is needed”. 

Finally Smart Transmission and distribution lines have contributed to a global improvement of power consumption also improving the quality of power supplies. 

The energy transition has changed the sector opening opportunities worldwide for the industry as Government are implementing new legislation to mitigate climate changes impact on economies and communities, triggering a simultaneous shift in technological development, regulations, customers preferences and investor sentiment. 

Private and public corporation are relying on experienced, global legal counsel for advice in how to handle sector opportunities and challenges.

We provide a wide array of advisory services on legal and tax, strategic and financial issues related to conventional source of energy, renewable energy, efficiency and other energy related matter, including advise on Power Purchase Agreement and other contracts to regulate production, distribution and sale of energy.

Fashion & Design

The fashion sector is one of the largest industries in the world. 

It involves significant creativity and innovation, satisfying the criteria of both aesthetic design and utility to consumers. It has created iconic styles that have defined periods of time, individuals and organizations on both a global and local level. The fashion and luxury industry features unique characteristics, fast-moving product cycles, heritage, globalization of trends and styles.

At Bergs & More we offer effective solutions across the luxury goods, fashion and beauty sectors, including assistance with respect to: corporate transactions, Mergers & Acquisition, financing and factoring transactions, real estate and leasing, complex licensing, distribution and franchising agreement, data protection and security, intellectual property, including trademark, copyright, patent protection and enforcement, internet, e-commerce and social media, litigation, competition, outsourcing.

Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage Industry is large, diverse, and full of specialized machinery. It’s one of the oldest industries on the planet, but still full of innovation. From new products to higher-volume, lower-cost production techniques, companies are always looking for new ways to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.

Led by a dedicated team of lawyers, Bergs & More provides consistent and comprehensive legal services for companies that produce, distribute or sell food and beverages. We help businesses reach their full potential while addressing the legal challenges that they face.

We help companies structure and negotiate supply agreements, private label agreements, co-packing agreements, we advise companies on labelling compliance, protect intellectual property matters, we reduce litigation risks and we assist them in complying with new and evolving laws and regulations.


With industrial sector continually evolving and facing wide range of issues and challenges, Companies are utilizing the span of their operations to cope with changing macroeconomic conditions, focusing on new strategies to meet changing global demand. They are adjusting their portfolio of businesses and adopting new technologies to cope with the global economic uncertainty, political instability, climate change, digitalization, automation and disruptive business models.

At Bergs & More we offer legal, tax and business advisory services with a particular sector experience in cross-border transactions (mergers and acquisitions) with a specific focus on Middle East and Africa, strategic litigation, acquisition of new technologies, compliance, export and supply agreements and antitrust issues. Financial advisory in M&A and export operations is also provided by our professionals. 

Life Sciences

Our experience covers various sectors such as automotive, oil and gas, mechanical engineering, electromechanical, aerospace, IT, telecommunications, energy and health.

The industry is innovative, constantly adapting and upgrading. 

Our Life Sciences practice features experienced professionals who are dedicated to serving the needs of the companies, providing legal solutions and risk analysis to enable them seize the opportunities available. 

At Bergs & More we advise our Clients in this sector on a variety of matters including: M&A, corporate & commercial, licensing, intellectual property, regulatory, litigation, antitrust, project finance, capital markets, labour and other related practices.

Our main focus is on structuring acquisitions and sales of businesses, products, platforms and technologies, structuring, negotiating and implementing licenses and collaborations, manufacturing and supply agreements, handling antitrust issues, conducting due diligence investigations of IP portfolios.

Logistic & Transportation

The transport and logistics industry is central to the evolution of an efficient global marketplace. It keeps the global economy moving. 

E-commerce and other on line transactions become effective also through logistics services and transportation that are becoming more and more strategic within the supply chain.

At Bergs & More we advise our Clients on how to manage legal and tax risks across the supply chain, including production, warehousing and freight distribution. Our professionals helps handle all kinds of transportation law issues, including: damages incurring to goods in transit, accidents occurring to vehicles and vessels in transit, delays in delivery and failure to deliver, liability when using means of transportation (air, maritime, rail, road), moving of people and assets, transportation contracts, insurance claims and risk management, immigration and global mobility and customs.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

This is an area of law that pertains to private investment funding and venture capital funding. This industry is going through a period of change characterized by increased competition and regulatory pressures.

Our Private Equity practice offers outstanding expertise, helping Clients understand and comply with the legal implications of the funding process.

Bergs & More’s private equity practice assists private equity team in buyouts, LBOs, growth investments, secondary transactions, as well as provide a wide range of services to portfolio companies and management teams. 

We provide valuable insights on securities compliance, debt funding transactions, due diligence and business valuation services.

Bergs & More advises start up and early stage companies and venture capital investors on a range of issues including: structuring the relationships among founders, intellectual property rights, equity incentive plans, and initial funding.

As companies develop and expand, we provide legal and tax advice, in connection with governance issues, capital structure, strategic partnerships, distribution, licensing and other commercial arrangements, financings rounds, and M&A transactions.

International transaction in Gulf and African markets can be originated, facilitated and managed under strategic and financial point of view thanks to our international business advisory professionals.

Real Estate

The global real estate industry is dynamic and complex. New investors are bringing with them fresh ideas and diverse requirements. We help the Clients navigate the potential opportunities and risks in this fast-paced sector.

Bergs & More provides strategic and legal solutions relating to property investments and developments to developers, owners, private and institutional investors, corporates, lenders and underwriters around the world to help them understand industry trends and their impact on business. 

Our main services in this field include real estate acquisitions and transactions, due diligence of the real estate assets, real estate financing, litigations, arbitration and out of court negotiations, development, construction and leasing or other financial agreement.

Sports & Entertainment

This is a constantly evolving global industry. The digital revolution, advancement in technology, new platforms for consumer engagement, ranging from streaming services to social media which has changed the way sport and entertainment content is created, distributed and consumed. The sector is affected by changes in lifestyle, attitude and cultural diversity. The industry is now professionalized and commercialized with transactions often involving acute timeframes and sportsmen seeking to optimize commercial value of their skills.

Our Clients include some of the world’s leading sports organizations and governing bodies, clubs, motorsport teams, athletes, professional drivers and riders, sporting agents, sponsors, financial institutions, investment funds and companies operating in the industry such as sporting goods manufacturers, apparel manufacturers and media agency.

Our legal team assists our Clients in a wide range of areas including commercial, regulatory and governance matters. Moreover we support Clients with reference to hosting, sponsorship deals, media, merchandising, licensing, image rights, media rights, football mergers and acquisitions, cross border operations, IP, international players’ transfer, doping proceedings and resolution of sports disputes by representing clients before CAS or in other proceedings, including before the dispute resolution bodies of sports federations.


Over time, technology has evolved, and it is only through the digital transformation that the industries can stay in business. Organizations and industries are now in a race to have a strong online presence to remain prosperous and globally connected.

Internet grants connections among people and economies offering impressive opportunities and tools for data collection, digital marketing, e-commerce, on line payments and many other operations that require a deep knowledge of the relevant risks and legal framework. 

We support Clients prosper by identifying legal framework and relevant risks and providing regulatory, legal, tax and contractual advice.

Our professionals offer legal and tax advice for Clients using digital technology as core business or as a tool to operate in a different business.