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Our work and our values go hand-in-hand.


Our work is goal oriented in strict observance of our professional and personal ethics. Ethics encompasses a multitude of important values and includes a respect for our governing rules, a transparency in relations, an integrity between colleagues, and an unwavering sense of responsibility towards the client. We consider to have achieved our goals only when our values have been upheld every step along the way.


Achieving professional goals requires commitment, dedication, and passion. We believe that the commitment of each, individual professional serves to strengthen the integration and cohesion of the whole team. You don't win alone, you win together.


Professional success is directly linked to the ability to promptly communicate with our clients in a clear, accurate, and appropriate manner. We communicate with our clients, colleagues, and team members with a resolute transparency founded upon integrity and intellectual honesty.


Determination, tenacity, and the pursuit of self-improvement are qualities that we value across the board, from our young colleagues to our senior professionals. We believe in the power of connection whereby mutual comprehension between each professional team member fosters a constructive and productive ethos. The attention to detail is what makes the difference and is what underpins our ability to excel in the services we provide to our clients.


The world moves at a fast pace, very fast perhaps even too fast. For us, innovation means keeping up with the times. While it is important to respect the past, it is also important to overcome old habits and usher in the new with curiosity and conviction in preparation for the professional challenges that our future beholds.

Work-life balance:

"Work-life balance" is a broad term that refers to the ability to balance work (in the sense of career and professional ambition) and private life (family, free time, entertainment, fun).
In recent years, workplaces have changed as a result of technological development and the need for "agile working". Thanks to IT tools (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.), the whole team can do their work outside the traditional workplace. Bergs & More has taken specific initiatives to promote the quality of life of its employees. professionals and their employees (smart working and remote working, flexible working hours and facilities for employees), with positive results, both in terms of increasing productivity and in terms of productivity and team satisfaction.

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