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As the paradigm in the field of sustainability progressively shifts from a voluntary to a mandatory approach, and in the presence of a constantly updated and increasingly complex regulatory framework, Bergs & More’s professionals provide assistance to raise clients' awareness of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). That is aimed at ensuring compliance with sector regulations and, at the same time, enabling them to take advantage of the opportunities opened up by a greener, sustainability-oriented business model.

Particular attention is paid to the recent and soon-to-be implemented Anti-Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), the Conflict Materials Regulation (3TG), as well as the proposal of Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CS3D), the proposal of Regulation on the prohibition of products made with forced labour (EUFLR), and the proposal of Regulation on Critical Raw Materials (CRMA).

The advice and assistance offered by Bergs & More's professionals - also in partnership with technical providers of solutions able to guarantee blockchain traceability of the relevant supply chains - aim to support clients conducting the required due diligencerelated to their (global) value chains and assisting them in:

  • defining relevant company policies;

  • identifying negative impacts on human rights and environment;

  • identifying relevant mitigation measures, including contractual ones;

  • monitoring the implementation of the designed systems. 

The strategic consulting offered by Bergs & More also extends to access to sustainable finance. The criterion of sustainability is a key element in the evaluation of financing plans. Compliance with the requirements imposed by Export Credit Agencies, international banking institutions and Development Finance Institutions reflects this orientation aimed at favoring sustainable projects.  The firm's professionals provide support in the evaluation and implementation of innovative financial instruments aimed at supporting sustainability-oriented projects and initiatives.

The international vocation and the experience in the field make Bergs & More's professionals reliable interlocutors for Italian, European and non-European clients who have sustainability as a new and/or updated business driver.

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