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New Technology Law


The New Technology Law department boasts professionals who have gained significant experience in the field of new technologies and their impact on business life, also in consideration of the assistance they provide to Clients in the field of Compliance and Data Protection,.


Bergs & More assists Italian and foreign Clients in the specific field of new technologies, offering legal and technical support in the areas of procurement, supply and development of IT systems and services, outsourcing and managed services projects, software development and distribution, content management and security management of desktop and mobile websites and platforms, artificial intelligence systems evaluation applied to business processes, as well as audits to assess compliance with applicable regulations.


The Firm assists its Italian and foreign Clients in various areas of expertise, which also include new technology law. The support activities concern the analysis, drafting and negotiation of contracts governing the use of new technologies, including the management of IT infrastructures, e- commerce, platforms, creation and maintenance of websites and mobile apps, hosting providers,

etc., as well as providing assistance in M&A transactions with particular reference to the acquisition or disposal of technological assets.

Our expertise includes:

  • Assistance in the field of new technology law

  • Examination, drafting and negotiation of new technology contracts (user licence agreements, software development and maintenance agreements, service level agreements, technology transfer agreements, source code transfer and use agreements, escrow agreements, cloud computing, e-commerce contracts, hosting contracts, web linking contracts, outsourcing contracts, terms and conditions of use of web/app services, etc.)

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