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The Tax Department offers comprehensive assistance to both local and international enterprises in navigating the intricate landscape of tax regulations. Taxation, with its inherent complexity, often presents a perpetual challenge for entrepreneurs and investors alike. At Bergs & More, specialization lies in aligning taxation strategies with business objectives, ensuring clients remain compliant with evolving regulatory requirements.

A team of seasoned tax professionals collaborates seamlessly with counterparts globally, providing tailored solutions to a diverse clientele. Vigilance over compliance standards is maintained, with regular audits conducted to identify and mitigate potential risks. Moreover, clients are accompanied through tax audits conducted by regulatory bodies such as the Kenya Revenue Authority, facilitating dispute resolutions when necessary.

In addition to consultancy services, a spectrum of educational resources is offered, including training sessions, seminars, and workshops, aimed at keeping clients abreast of the latest national, regional, and global tax developments. This includes proactive tax planning within the contemporary economic landscape.

To complement advisory and training initiatives, ongoing consultations, and access to specialized subject matter experts via email are provided, ensuring clients receive optimal support at every stage of their tax journey. 

Our expertise includes:

            Tax services

  • Corporate Tax Computations

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) Audits

  • Customs and Excise Duty

  • Tax Refunds

  • Tax Compliance Audits

  • Personal Tax

  • Business Tax Health Check

  • Exemption Certificate Application

  • Country Tax Advisory

  • Cross-Border Tax Advisory

  • Transaction Tax


Compliance services:

  • Transfer Pricing

  • Compliance and Reporting

  • Employee Mobility Tax Compliance

  • Executive Compensation (Tax Issues)

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