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Commercial Contracts


The Commercial Contracts Department assists clients, in a wide range of sectors, in drafting, revising and negotiation all kind of domestic and international commercial contracts, instrumental to the development of the business, regulating the day-to-day contractual relationships (both B2B and B2C) as well as major key projects and business-critical transactions.

Bergs & More lawyers work alongside with board members, in house counsel and clients’ people who handle contractual relations (such as procurement, sale and commercial departments) to find most suitable and pragmatic solutions and structure commercial agreements to achieve the clients commercial objectives, prevent rising of disputes among the parties and reduce legal risk to the clients’ businesses.

The Commercial Contracts team not only has an extensive experience in designing, negotiating and managing standard business contracts (such as contracts and general conditions of sale and purchase, mediation, agency, distribution, franchising, supply and subcontracting agreements, business procurement, contracting of works or services, sponsorship, outsourcing, etc.) but is also experienced in industrial construction and engineering contracts, turn key contracts, energy supply and distribution, joint ventures, alliances and complex production and transformation contracts in key industrial sectors.

Given its multi-disciplinary approach and broad network, Bergs & More and its business advisors may also assist in the practical research and selection of local or foreign business partners, assisting  clients form the earliest stage of the deal structuring to its subsequent design, negotiation, implementation completion.

Our expertise include:

  •  Contracts and general conditions of sale and purchase

  •  Agency agreements

  •  Distribution agreements 

  •  Supply and subcontracting agreements

  •  License agreements

  •  Franchising agreements

  •  Lease agreements

  •  Contracting of works or services

  •  Business procurement

  •  Sponsorship agreements 

  •  EPC contracts

  •  Turnkey contracts

  •  FIDIC

  •  Joint ventures and alliances agreements

  •  Outsourcing agreements

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